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Issue #136

Typo in Penetrator Rounds description

9 months ago

In the English language, there is a typo in the description for the Hard Target's penetrator rounds; the word "Incredibly" is misspelt as "Increadibly". This may also affect other weapons that can be given Penetrator Rounds.


546CC - HardTarget WEAP 128C4C, 128C6C, 1298AE, 12A0B0, 12A784, 12D03D, 133A6B - Penetrator Rounds OMOD

Game Version

New Game


Reproduction Steps

  1. Head to any weapon workbench, such as one in Laredo Arms by using the console command "coc CityAkilaCityLaredoFirearms"
  2. Obtain a Hard Target, you can do so with the command "player.additem 546CC 1"
  3. Use the nearby weapon workbench and select the Hard Target
  4. Click on "Magazine and Battery" and hilight the Penetrator Rounds option
Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Interface
Temporary Fix
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7 months ago

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