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Issue #164

Andreja lines missing after FurtherIntoTheUnknown

9 months ago

After completing the quest Further Into The Unknown in NG+ and using Starborn dialogue options with Vladimir to avoid having the Hunter attack the Eye and the Lodge, having Andreja as a follower will eventually result in her asking to talk with the player, giving the activity objective Talk With Andreja. Upon engaging in dialogue however, she does not have any lines for the first part of her conversation, resulting in the player going straight to responding without any context.

Game Version

New Game


Reproduction Steps

  1. Make a character and go through the main story once, going into NG+
  2. Once in NG+, head to the lodge and replay the main quest, taking Andreja as a companion when given the option
  3. Go through the main quest until you receive the quest Further Into The Unknown
  4. Progress through Further Into The Unknown until you are given the objective Talk To Vladimir
  5. When given the Starborn dialogue option, take it and complete the quest
  6. Complete the quest Foreknowledge by building the Armillary in your ship, then talking to Matteo about Unity
  7. Wait until Andreja asks to speak with you, giving you the Activities objective Talk With Andreja
  8. Talk to Andreja, you will immediately be given dialogue options after doing so
Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
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6 months ago

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