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Issue #231

Unable to 100% complete temple quests

8 months ago

When trying to complete the Power from Beyond temple quests, Vladimir stops giving quests before all undiscovered temples are found.


Quest ID from console: help MQ_TempleQuest_01 ----CONSOLE COMMANDS------------------- ----SCRIPT FUNCTIONS------------------- ----VIEWER STRINGS NOT AVAILABLE------- ----GLOBAL VARIABLES------------------- ----OTHER FORMS------------------- SCEN: MQ_TempleQuest_01_TL (000854DE) '' QUST: MQ_TempleQuest_01 (000854E8) 'Power from Beyond'

Just before completing the 23rd temple quest (this is the last one Vladimir will give) player.sqs 854E8 Quest: MQ_TempleQuest_01 - Running - Current Stage: 20 (not set) 0 (done) 5 (done) 5 (not set) 7 (done) 10 (not set) 12 (not set) 13 (done) 20 (not set) 30 (not set) 50 (not set) 60 (not set) 60

After completing the 23rd temple quest (Vladimir doesn't talk or give anymore temple quests) player.sqs 854E8 Quest: MQ_TempleQuest_01 - Stopped (not set) 0 (done) 5 (done) 5 (not set) 7 (done) 10 (not set) 12 (not set) 13 (done) 20 (done) 30 (done) 50 (done) 60 (done) 60

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I didn't noticed this on the original game since I did not get all powers the first time through, but in NG+ I skip the main quest and complete Among the Stars and Revelation first. After completing Revelation and the armillary and before finding any temples, the powers page shows 27 undiscovered temples. Completing the Powers from Beyond quest and Barret's power quest will leave me with anywhere from 3 to 5 unknown temples, and Vladimir does not give any further quests. After reaching the sticking point with Vladimir, I have tried visiting every single system in the star map and not 'found' any further anomalies. Resting for several days doesn't allow the quest to retrigger, nor does exiting and reloading the game. I get the same issue every NG+.

I have also seen this reported on Reddit. Examples: and There are others if you search undiscovered temples.

Given that there are only 24 powers and 24 artifacts, I am sure the 27 undiscovered temples is a bug, and there will always be 3 undiscovered temples at minimum. Sometimes there's more. This time I had 4 undiscovered temples after Barrett's quest and 23 temples.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
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7 months ago

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