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Issue #295

Unusual SOS should be in Activities section

10 months ago

Upon getting close to an Abanadoned Griplite Manufacturing Plant location on a random planet, players will recieve a new mission in their quest log titled Unusual SOS with the objective "Starts screaming victim scene." Upon further advancing the quest, the player will be given several other similar odd log entries, ending with "Player disabled radio. Start Disables Radio Scene". I believe this quest should be in the Activities section where it wouldn't be displaying these entries and is not because it is missing the QuestTypeActivities keyword in the Quest Type record entry. The quest also doesn't leave the player's mission log after completing the objective but I believe this may be solved by making it an Activity.


25A9E2 - RL040Quest - QUST QuestTypeActivities - 475F8 - KYWD

Game Version

New Game


Reproduction Steps

  1. Find a planet with an Abanadoned Griplite Manufacturing Plant location. This is random for each game, so it may take a while.
  2. Land on the planet and proceed towards the location until you begin hearing a distress call. You should get an entry in your quest log called Unusual SOS with the objective Investiage the Distress Call
  3. Proceed into the area towards the objective and you will be ambushed by a number of Crimson Fleet pirates, defeat all of them
  4. After defeating all the pirates in the area and even after exploring you will find that the Unusual SOS quest is still stuck in your missions list
Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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7 months ago

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