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Issue #314

Game is softlocked in NG+ Variant Universes

8 months ago

NG+ can send the player to alternate universes with minor story variations for the main quest. In these worldstates, the player is often softlocked, and unable to save the game or open their inventory.


New Game+ main quest is handled by the quest MQ401. When a NG+ world is loaded, the MQ401questscript does an RNG roll for the lodge scenarios. There is a 15% chance for the quest to load a variant scenario instead of the normal MQ. If the roll for a variant universe fails, the main quest is set up normally through the MQ401 script. But if a variant scenario is loaded, quest handling is passed to the variant quest records, e.g. MQ401a, MQ401b, MQ401c, etc.

These worldstates with alternate main quests correlate with a frustrating bug where the player is unable to save or opening the inventory. The softlock bug can be fixed by typing "setinchargen 0 0 0" into the console. It seems probable that the scripts for the MQ401x variants are not doing proper cleanup, which means that the player is stuck in CharGen mode. This mod has a script-level solution which patches the issue by forcing the SetInChargen function at the end of the MQ401 script.

Game Version

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Roll into a variant universe in NG+.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Scripts
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7 months ago

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