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Issue #321

New Atlantis Security Checkpoint bounty dialog bug

8 months ago

New Atlantis Security Checkpoint bounty dialog is wrong.


The security checkpoint on New Atlantis uses Bounty_UnitedColonies global variable (0x31659) to check if player as bounty for the guard dialog.

This global variable is, again, only used to display the bounty amount for the paying off your bounty scenes and isn't updated outside of those scenes.

The guard conditions for this checkpoint should just be using GetCrimeGold condition function instead of checking this random global variable.

The broken infos are under 0x6B256 dialog topic

Game Version

New Game


Reproduction Steps

  1. Have bounty for UC (0x5BD93)
  2. Walk through checkpoint
Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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7 months ago

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