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Issue #339

Spelling mistake in Helena Strickland subtitles

8 months ago

When choosing the dialogue option to refuse to work for Helena Strickland (in Reliant Medical, Gagarin Landing) a second time after finding the courier, 'decided' has been incorrectly written as 'decide' in the subtitles.

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New Game


Reproduction Steps

Complete Helena Strickland's first quest (find the courier). Return to her, and choose the dialogue option that you'd rather never work with her again. Speak to her again, and choose that same dialogue option again. She will say something ending with 'Come back when you've decided to actually be useful', but the subtitles are incorrectly written as 'Come back when you've decide to actually be useful'.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
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7 months ago

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