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Issue #344

Hopetech Guards remain hostile after Freestar questline - factions not properly cleaned up

7 months ago

During the quest "The Hammer Falls" (FC09), if the player chooses to attack Ron Hope, the Hopetown Security guards become hostile. It is possible that the player will not kill all of these guards. Once the quest ends, the guards will still be hostile to the player, which can interfere with other quests e.g. the Ryujin questline.

FC09 makes the guards hostile by adding them to the FC09_CombatMusicFaction [FACT:0027FB18]. It should remove them from this faction when the quest ends.

Fragment_Stage_0500_Item_00() in qf_fc09_001a54f9.psc adds the guards to this faction and removes them from several others. For a proper fix, the Stage 2000 fragments should reverse all of these faction changes.

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7 months ago

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