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Issue #345

German strings issues

7 months ago

Spelling errors and inconsistencies between dialogs and text in German strings.



  • Some of the spoken dialog by Gideon Anker (00015064) doesn't match the text in the strings
  • Some of the spoken dialog by Yannick Legrande (0026FDE2) doesn't match text in the strings (Unfortunately nothing more specific for these two, haven't found a tool like the Voice Reference Tool for Skyrim SE to get the specific lines...)


  • Missing space: "Ich habe mit Leuten vonReliant Medical und..." should be "Ich habe mit Leuten von Reliant Medical und..."(DIAL: [0022DAC4]; INFO: [0022D907]).
  • Spelling mistake: "Unternehmensnahmen" should be "Unternehmensnamen" (DIAL: [002C334A]; INFO - [002C33C5]).
  • Spelling mistake: "Nach der aktion, haben..." should be "Nach der Aktion, haben..." (DIAL: [000131B2] |; INFO - [000131BB]).
  • Wrong punctuation: "...dich echt mal zurück," should be "dich echt mal zurück." (DIAL: [00019284]; INFO - [00019287]).

Game Version



German (DE)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Read subtitles in the corresponding dialog or just take a look at the starfield_de strings. :D

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
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7 months ago

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