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Issue #368

Incorrect Resistance for Radiation Hazard Damage

7 months ago

Magic Effect for Radiation Hazard Damage attached to various Radiation Hazard Spells has incorrect resistance values.

It's listed to use Corrosive as the resistance stat to prevent Soak and Environment Damage, instead of Radiation.

What happens is that whenever Soak or Environment Damage is delt, the game uses Corrosive stat to determine Environment Damage and Soak, instead of Radiation resistance stat.


Magic Effect: Form ID 0021BBD4 (Editor ID: ENV_DMG_Radiation_Hazard_Damage_Effect)

Resist Value is "ENV_Resist_Corrosive "Corrosive Hazard Resistance" [AVIF:00248D30]". It should be "ENV_Resist_Radiation "Radiation Hazard Resistance" [AVIF:00248D2F]".

Game Version


English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

  1. Check Form ID 0021BBD4 in xEdit!
  2. Have an awesome day! :-)
Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Scripts
Fix Ready
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7 months ago

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