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Issue #381

SY-920 Pilot Spacesuit

6 months ago

this space suit, not the helmet or the pack, but the body suit has the incorrect textures. if you look in the same room where you get the outfit, during the mission where you infiltrate SY-920, near Dr. Vogels office (comspike scientist), you'll see that another NPC, a pilot, wears the same outfit but without the texture glitch, the armor itself is black as the NPC wears it but what you get is the base UC Navy Ace Pilot Spacesuit texture instead.


Item ID is 00214769

Game Version



English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

You simply need to find the armor or spawn it, the ID of the armor set on the NPC if you can't find him are as follows:

CF05_Spacesuit_SY920_UCPilot_Helmet_NOTPLAYABLE (00090e5b)

CF05_Spacesuit_SY920_PilotUniformArmor)NOTPLAYABLE (00090e5a)

CF05_Spacesuit_SY920_UCPilot_Backpack_ NOTPLAYABLE (0020ffaf)

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Textures
Fix Ready
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6 months ago

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