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Issue #500

Davis Wilson's Rifle unobtainable

7 months ago

Davis Wilson spawns with a generic military gun instead of using his own custom rifle


Davis Wilson (head of Akila City security) spawns with a random military type of weapon/rifle. He's no even making use of the LVLI specific to Akila City security. And even worse, there's a custom/unique variant of Tombstone with the name "Davis Wilson's Rifle". It would make sense for him to carry it. But unfortunately it isn't used and the rifle is unobtainable right now.

NPC form in question: FC_AC_Q_DavisWilson "Davis Wilson" [NPC_:002161AE]

I fixed this with a mod:

Game Version



English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

This can be tested when doing the quest "Leader of the Pack", part of the Akila City quest line.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Items
Fix Ready
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7 months ago

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