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Issue #592

Restore conditions on Rank 4 Lasers

7 months ago

The removed conditions on rank 4 Lasers causes a bug that lets EM weapons proc the Laser burn damage if the EM weapon is a modified laser weapon.


In version 0.0.2, I removed seemingly redundant conditions on rank 4 Lasers. It turns out that if you convert a laser weapon to an EM weapon, it retains the keywords from both types, which allows EM weapons to proc the burn effect from rank 4 lasers due to the removed conditions. It might also be that these converted EM weapons benefit from the +30% damage increase from the Lasers skill as they retain the laser weapon keyword, although that remains to be tested. Regardless, since the developers seemingly chose not to add the same conditions to the damage increases, and they made the Incapacitation skill only grant +15% EM damage instead of +30%, one would assume that this interaction is intentional if present.

Suggestion: Restore the conditions on the perk.

Game Version

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Acquire rank 4 Lasers. Convert a laser weapon to an EM weapon. See if it procs the burning effect.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Perks & Skills
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7 months ago

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