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Issue #680

Vae Victis text doesn't match audio

7 months ago

When Speaking with Vae Victis for the first time the written text has an ellipsis, indicating a pause in a spoken sentence in the wrong spot. It is before the word More, but there isn't a pause there. Also a misspelling on the line.


The Devils You Know: Sanon: Like myself and Hadrian, he was involved in some of the United Colonies' ... more problematic lines of research. Mech weapons were his speciality.

The ellipsis needs to go after the more ( the United Colonies' more ... problematic ) to match the dialog.

Also the last word should be spelled 'specialty'

Game Version


English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Go through the dialog that has Sanon telling you to kill Orlase.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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6 months ago

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