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Issue #714

mq_Tutorial quest fails to register remote events

6 months ago

MQ 101 starts MQ tutorial quest after character creation, instead of once you are orbit, causing it to fail to register multiple events. As a result, multiple tutorial messages are never displayed.


MQ101 (3448) - starts MQ_TutorialQuest (45640) at stage 155 (see fragments\quests\qf_mq101_00003448.psc, Fragment_Stage_0155_Item_02()) mq_tutorialquestscript ShipLowHealth() attempts to get the player ship reference and register for an actorvalue change. Since the player is not yet in orbit, this fails, and is never checked again. It also fails to register for Self.RegisterForRemoteEvent(PlayerShip.GetShipRef() as ScriptObject, "OnShipSystemDamaged")

Interestingly, MQ101 also tries to start the quest at stage 400 and stage 605 as well. Since the quest is already started, it does not re-attempt to register for menus at that time. MQ101 Stage 400 NAM2-notes, comments that the Tutorial Quest starts now. Interestingly, most of the menus are either not accessible before stage 400, or else have conditions that prevent the tutorial from firing then. The only two menus that seem to fire at that point are inventory menu (never has a tutorial and then deregisters) and skills menu (which talks about perk point assignment, even though you haven't leveled up by then so can't assign a perk point).

400 seems like a better stage to start it.

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English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Start a new game through character creation and check the papyrus log

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Scripts
Fix Ready
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5 months ago

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