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Issue #726

Offer of source of spelling and grammar fixes

6 months ago

I maintain a mod that SFCP could benefit from incorporating changes from


I maintain "Starfiedl" which is a mod that fixes grammar and spelling errors, in Starfield, in NPC subtitles, player responses, slates, and terminals.

Beginning in version 2.0.0, which I hopefully will have ready for release later today, it will be split into multiple esms, with the base esm containing only fixes, and not purely-stylistic alterations, which will be moved to the optional esms.

The fixes in that base esm are the kinds of fixes SFCP includes, and this is me giving the SFCP project my permission to use the changes in that, in SFCP, whether it be by copying them into the SFCP esm, including the Starfiedl-Base.esm file as part of SFCP, or however best fits the needs of the project. Just please mention me (dodexahedron) and my mod :)

Seems to make more sense to me to just make you aware of this and grant permission, so y'all can just bulk add whatever you want from it before release of a new SFCP version, rather than me cluttering up the issue tracker with a ton of "fix this record" issues, for everything.

In the future, I plan to provide a version of my mod that specifies SFCP as a master and is cleaned against it, since there are likely to be plenty of conflicts, especially as both projects grow.

I am only doing this for the English version, and I use an en_US dialect.

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Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
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3 months ago

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