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Issue #744

Ship Weapon Fixes

6 months ago

New mod fixes what appear to be typos and inconsistencies in ship weapon damage, particularly for EM weapon. In comments, the mod author Grizbane indicated a willingness for these fixes to be rolled in to the SFCP


Having playtested this since before the public release, I think the mod author made the right call on these values and the changes, though Starships are not my area of expertise.

My two cents are that these adjustments, particularly to EM weapons make them viable, but not overpowered, and make NPC ships equipped with these weapons a tiny bit more threatening rather than absolute pushovers.

I suspect the seeming randomness of whether certain weapons benefit from certain flags was a last-minute attempt to balance at least some of these weapons for launch.

It seems Bethesda ensured that at least some NPC ships with EM weapons were capable of damaging the player in a meaningful way, but not all.

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tweaks starship weapon records

Platform: PC (Steam)
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6 months ago

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