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Issue #746

Barrett dialog misplaced comma in SCP v 0.0.5

6 months ago

Community Patch v0.0.5's current overlay is 'Heh. In my line of work ,it's a requirement!' Should be ...line of work, It's a...


\ [00] Starfield.esm \ [65] GRUP Top "QUST" \ [2001] GRUP Quest Children of Com_Companion_Barrett "Companion - Barrett" [QUST:001C7187] \ [1730] GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:001A4C5C] \ [4] [INFO:001A49B7] ('Heh. In my line of work it's a requirement!' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:001A4C5C]) \ [4] Responses \ [0] Response \ [2] NAM1 - Response Text

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SF1Edit proof reading

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
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6 months ago

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