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Issue #760

CREW_EliteCrew_DaniGarcia Dialogue not conditioned correctly

2 months ago

There are a few dialogue options that should be conditioned for when the player has an internal neuroamp, but the global is set to null:


001CDAFB <CREW_EliteCrew_DaniGarcia> 000049A8 000049DB 000049A3 000049AF

Global NULL - Null Reference [00000000] needs to be changed to RI07_PlayerHasInternalNeuroamp [GLOB:000D6B04]

Game Version



English (EN)

Have you recreated this issue on a new game?

Yes, I can recreate this issue.

Reproduction Steps

Just need to view the records in xEdit.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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2 months ago

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