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Issue #772

Sam's WaitScene missing positive/negative checks

7 months ago

Sam's system wait scene is missing the positive/negative condition form checks so all responses will randomly play.


This is the scene: COM_SamCoe_System_WaitScene [SCEN:0026BDB0] This is the positive response group missing a check: COM_SamCoe_Wait_Positive [INFO:0026BDF8] (in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0026BE82]) This is the negative response group missing a check: COM_SamCoe_Wait_Negative [INFO:0026BDF2] (in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0026BE82])

As an example Barrett's working response groups: COM_Barrett_WaitScene_Negative [INFO:001C6FE2] (in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:001C714D]) and COM_Barrett_WaitScene_Positive [INFO:001C6FE8] (in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:001C714D])

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Reproduction Steps

In game will be hard as the choices are random. I would just use xedit and go straight to the referenced dialog response.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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4 months ago

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