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Issue #780

Wrong generic NPC name in polish localisation

6 months ago

Wrong name of "Agentka Przymierza Tropicieli" it should be "Agent Przymierza Tropicieli" as the character is clearly a male.


In polish localisation of the game in Akila city, there is character named "Agentka Przymierza Tropicieli" Their name suggest that they are female "Agentka" but they have male body type and voice. Speaking to them they are saying like they are a male. They are using words like "Przepłynąłem", "Znalazłem", "brałem". So i think that name of this character is wrong, and should be "Agent Przymierza Tropicieli" I have screenshots of this, but i don't know where i can sand it here. The character is standing in Akila city right next to the statue of Solomon Coe.

Game Version


Polish (PL)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

just go to Akila city and find him

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: NPCs
Fix Ready
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5 months ago

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