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Issue #789

Narion War Terminal Incorrect "It's\Its" Usage

7 months ago

The terminal entry containing information on the Narion War in the Vanguard Orientation Hall in the MAST Building on New Atlantis incorrectly uses "it's" when it should be using "its" in the second-to-last paragraph: The Freestar Collective agreed to these terms, creating - and codifying into law - the Settled Systems as we know them today. The Treaty of Narion has since become the foundation of all contemporary political relations, and it's only official violation, the cause of the galaxy's greatest conflict - the Colony War.


The Terminal Menu's Form ID according to xEdit is UC01_NarionWar_Terminal_MainMenu [TMLM:0003B6B5].

Game Version


English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Go to the MAST Building on New Atlantis, use the elevator behind the receptionist to travel to the Vanguard Orientation Hall, and access The History of the Narion War terminal entry on The Narion War terminal next to the display exhibits for the Freestar Collective and House Va'runn.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Interface
Fix Ready
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7 months ago

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