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Issue #803

Sarah Morgan Storygate Starborn Dialogue

7 months ago

Sarah Morgan's storygate conversations are somewhat of an outlier from the conversations with other companions, in that they are missing [Starborn] dialogue options. As it turns out, almost all of these conversations are supposed to have one of these options, but they never show up due to an incorrect condition within those dialogue options.


Due to each of these dialogue options running a condition to check "COM_StarbornSaveActorValue_MaxStoryGate_SarahMorgan" on the quest alias (which is Sarah herself), these dialogue conditions never appear as intended. By changing it to run on PlayerRef instead, they show up correctly. These are the FormIDs for each of these bugged dialogue options: 00097755 003233B7 003233A3 00323391 003233AA 003233AC I have uploaded a fix for these dialogue options here:!AhuMaF-FsKU-lBiHiRKwIxkIndAm?e=0YyMhg

Game Version


English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Complete all storygate conversations with Sarah, then do NG+. You will not see the intended [Starborn] dialogue options in those conversations the second time.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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7 months ago

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