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Issue #804

Companion Anger Dialogue Bugs

7 months ago

The following bugs are present with the "angry" conversations with companions:

  • After the companion explains what they player did (generic, murder, or jealousy), the player's follow-up question can only ever be about the generic reason, despite dialogue for the other reasons being present in the files.
  • If you successfully persuade Andreja to not leave you, she will still incorrectly say that she will leave you.


The player dialogue choices with FormIDs 002C5A0C, 0014317F, 00143173, and 0023EE2D have conditions to check the COM_AngerReason AV, and appear if they match. However, this AV is checked against the player, not the companion, so they never correctly appear. To fix it, run the condition on the Target instead of the Subject.

Likewise, the dialogue choices for the generic anger reasons have no conditions at all, and can show up in addition to the correct one if left unchanged. The FormIDs for those dialogue choices are: 002C5A04, 0014320F, and 0023EDE6.

For Andreja, a condition can be added to not play the "I am leaving" lines when COM_AngerLevel <> 0 to fix that issue. The FormIDs for those dialogue lines are: 001E9F5A and 001E9F5B.

I have uploaded a fix for these issues here:!AhuMaF-FsKU-lBkEJyKWGpqyVm_t?e=GSawFA

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Reproduction Steps

Anger a companion for reasons of murder or jealousy, check what your follow-up question is after they explain why they are mad. For Andreja, successfully convince her to stay.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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4 months ago

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