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Issue #818

Gymnastics zero-g speed boost & Earthboun

6 months ago

At rank 2, the Gymnastics perk gives your character a speed boost in zero-g environments. However, if you use the Earthbound ability to make yourself experience 1g (which the watch hud also confirms), you still have the speed boost and move comically fast. This feels more like an oversight than a feature.


Fixing this is as simple as adding a new condition to Gymnastics_ZeroG_Speed_Spell (Form ID 2A4861) of: Subject.HasMagicEffect(ArtifactPowerEarthbound_Effect [MGEF:002C5A7E] = 0

There is another condition above it to only run if the subject's body gravity is 0, but it doesn't have the OR flag set, so it doesn't need to be touched.

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English (EN)

New Game


Reproduction Steps

Get Gymnastics perk to rank 2, fire off Earthbound spell, behold yourself running at the speed of sanic.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Perks & Skills
Fix Ready
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4 months ago

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