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Issue #851

Missing Companion Lines For Using Alcohol or Chems

6 months ago

Companions are supposed to make comments if you consume alcohol, or chems which you can get addicted to. Same as they did in FO4. However, these lines never play because all of these items are lacking the correct keywords. It is possible then that this was an intentional cut, however there are no issues with restoring these keywords. They are used for nothing aside from triggering these lines when "equipping" an item, and all of the lines are voiced and work correctly.


Fix here:!AhuMaF-FsKU-lDcsc0aPjORRWP84?e=ph2xn5

I have added the COM_ObjType_Drink [0007956D] KYWD to all alcoholic drink items, and the COM_ObjType_ChemBad [000A7296] KYWD to all "bad" chems which you can get addicted to. For items which were previously modified by the latest release of the community patch, I have carried forward those changes in my ESM file.

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Reproduction Steps

Have a companion follow you, then use an alcohol or "bad" chem item. They will be silent.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Items
Fix Ready
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5 months ago

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