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Issue #885

Incorrect Landing Marker During Matters of the Hart

2 months ago

If the player is in the Crimson Fleet when going to Victor Compound during Matters of the Hart, instead of landing on the ground out of sight, the player's ship will land on the landing pad and immediately start combat.


[REFR:0020AE24] is the landing pad marker that the player should be using. Owner is PlayerFaction "Player Faction" [FACT:0001C21C]

However, if you are a member of the Crimson Fleet, it will use [REFR:0022F4A2] instead. This marker has the owner set to CrimeFactionCrimsonFleet "Crimson Fleet" [FACT:00010B30]

I modified the ownership of 0022F4A2 to SyndicateFaction [FACT:00270274] and now I land on the correct landing pad. The ship that lands during the quest still lands as it should after this change.

Fix Attached:

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English (EN)

Have you recreated this issue on a new game?

Yes, I can recreate this issue.

Reproduction Steps

Start the Crimson Fleet questline, then start Matters of the Hart while you are still a member of the Crimson Fleet. Land at Victor Compound.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Type: Placed Objects
Fix Ready
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1 month ago

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