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Issue #887

Security Guard Sgt Yumi Pointers Conditioning Issues

5 months ago

If you are a Captain in the Vanguard but have not yet started the UC Security Questline, the guards will say 'By the way Captain, Sergeant Yumi was looking for you. Sounds like he's got more work.' even though you haven't done any work for him yet. They can also say this even if you currently have a pointer to Sgt Yumi for another job which leads to 2 pointers for Sgt Yumi under activities.


[INFO:0005AC0C] (in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:00042C6F]) is missing a few conditions: Subject.GetStageDone(FFNewAtlantis04 [QUST:00091CF5], 100 Quest complete) = 1 AND Subject.GetStageDone(FFNewAtlantis02Misc [QUST:00042C70], 030 FFNewAtlantis05 Quest Start) = 0 AND

[INFO:00042C72] (in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:00042C6F]) has an incorrect condition: Subject.GetQuestCompleted(UC04 [QUST:002AAE8D]) = 0 AND (Vanilla has this set to 1 instead of 0)

This is the reason why you can sometimes get 2 pointers because both are conditioned to fire if you are a Captain of the Vanguard and one was missing the checks for which quests were already completed.

There is also a completely missed line. There is only one line to start the last quest: [INFO:00042C60] (in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:00042C6F]) is for if you are a Captain but the conditions for that are missing. There is not a 2nd INFO for if you are not a Captain, so they will always call you Captain.

Essentially, there are 2 dialogue options to start each quest (one if you are a Captain and one if you are not). Each INFO should have at least 6 conditions:

  1. GetStageDone FFNewAtlantis02Misc "Misc Pointer" [QUST:00042C70] Current Stage that Starts the Quest = 0 (This is the quest that has these INFOs and starts the UC Security Quests)
  2. GetQuestCompleted UC01 "Supra et Ultra" [QUST:002C5401] =0 for not Captain or =1 if you are
  3. GetStageDone 001 Returned to New Atlantis = 1 on the Current Quest (This ensures you have left NA and come back so the quests don't start one right after another)
  4. GetStageDone Talked to Yumi Stage for that quest = 0
  5. GetInFaction UCSecurityFaction "United Colonies Security Faction" [FACT:00052ADC] = 1
  6. GetStageDone Previous Quest 100 Quest Complete = 1 (Ensures the previous quest was actually completed before giving another).

FFNewAtlantis06 "Two Tales, Two Cities" [QUST:00089F4E] has an additional condition that City_NewAtlantis_Z_TheKindnessOfStrangers "The Kindness of Strangers" [QUST:0009BD47] must be completed. This is due to the dialogue stating that you know Tahir.

Clear as mud, I know. Fix attached.

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English (EN)

Have you recreated this issue on a new game?

Yes, I can recreate this issue.

Reproduction Steps

Join the Vanguard but do not ask Sgt. Yumi for work. Fast travel away and back and bump into guards until they tell you Sgt. Yumi has work for you.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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5 months ago

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