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Issue #892

Starborn Guardian Missing Vertical Landing Anims

1 month ago

If you attempt to land or take off from a "vertical" landing pad with a Starborn ship, such as the one at Gagarin Landing, the sequence will fail to play correctly. It will show the world glitching out for a second, before teleporting you directly into space. This is because the Starborn ships are missing "vertical" takeoff and landing animations.


For landing, no special animation is really needed with this ship, as the standard animation is already just a vertical descent. By adding a condition of Subject.HasKeyword(ShipTypeStarborn [KYWD:0033DB7A]) = 0 to the Ship_Landing_Vertical [IDLE:0010A3C4] animation record, we cause the game to fall back to the standard landing animation for Starborn ships specifically, which looks perfectly fine.

For taking off, we need an animation which is equivalent to the "vertical" takeoff animations that other ships use. One which causes the ship to gain more altitude than usual before flying forward, and into orbit. Luckily, such an animation already exists for the Starborn ship with the Neon landing pad specifically. So if we modify the conditions of ShipTakeOffNeonStarborn to be true with the Neon pad, OR with Vertical pads, we can see a proper non-clipping takeoff at those locations too. The same tweak should be made to the SpaceshipTakeOffStarbornNeon_Pad01 camera path too, so that the camera view isn't too low during vertical pad takeoffs.

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Reproduction Steps

Land your Starborn ship at Gagarin Landing. There will be no landing animation. Then try to take off, and you will see a glitchy sequence before being teleported into space.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Animations
Fix Ready
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1 month ago

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