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Issue #910

Pit Stop - Cell 00295334 - Contra & Aid Placement

4 months ago

Contraband_Any 0003D28B and Chem_Any 0003D28A obstructed


Contraband_Any 0003D28B and Chem_Any 0003D28A are on the floor. ShipBunkStorage_05 000890D7 is sitting on top of them on the floor. This is ShipBunkStorage that does not open or have a door like a locker so it's not meant to place inside. My only guess is because the contra and aid are not in a layer and the storage is layer Room01 00089233 and they didn't have all layers loaded on placement. I just put them on top of it as there's no reflection on this cell.

I did the following: Contra: X: -13.5 Z: 34.6

Aid: Z: 34.5

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Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Placed Objects
Fix Ready
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1 month ago

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