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Issue #980

Barrett's Breach of Contract Personal Quest - Incorrect Property Assignment

2 months ago

A property in Barrett's quest incorrectly points back to itself.


COM_Quest_Barrett_Q01 "Breach of Contract" [QUST:000369AB]

Script Fragment: Fragments:Quests:QF_BQ01_Barrett_Quest Property: BarrettQuest points to COM_Quest_Barrett_Q01 "Breach of Contract" [QUST:000369AB] but should point to Com_Companion_Barrett "Companion - Barrett" [QUST:001C7187]

This property is used in the fragment script to set stages to determine the outcome of the trial. The stages it sets (6, 7, and/or 8) do not exist in COM_Quest_Barrett_Q01 "Breach of Contract" [QUST:000369AB] but they do exist in Com_Companion_Barrett "Companion - Barrett" [QUST:001C7187]. This causes the outcome to always be the same regardless of how much info you find, whether or not Helgi testifies, or whether or not there is a character witness.



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English (EN)

Have you recreated this issue on a new game?

Yes, I can recreate this issue.

Reproduction Steps

Do Barrett's personal quest with different character witnesses or Helgi not testifying, etc, and you will always get the same outcome.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Type: Missions & Dialogue
Fix Ready
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1 month ago

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